Edublog Uploads

This page gives instructions for uploading files and inserting them in Edublog posts.

Uploading Graphics

A mind map from FreeMind

First you need to export your mind map. I recommend a simple graphic export for starters. Please see the FreeMindTutorials wiki page for pointers to detailed instructions for exporting:

If you have a JPG or PNG graphic export from FreeMind on file already:

0. Open a new blog post (Dashboard: Write) or a ready-made post (Manage: Posts: Edit).

1. Using the interface shown below:

1.1. Browse to find your graphic file on disk;
1.2. Give it a short title (and number), such as LLGoals01, or LLHistory01;
1.3. Describe it so you can remember what it is (language learning goals or language learning history); and
1.4. Click on the Upload button ("Upload >>") to upload the file to Edublogs.
  • Note: These are just pictures; the actual interface is found below the editing window for a blog post (0., above).

2. After uploading an image, click on Browse in the same interface:

3. Pick an uploaded images, and select a size to Show, then scroll down, and click on the Send to Editor button:

That should do it!

James Farmer demonstrates how to do it a little more than two minutes into the short video tutorial, Writing Posts and Pages:

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