Google Docs and Spreadsheets Jumpstart

Tutorials here are to help you quickly get started using Google Docs and Spreadsheets. For other tutorials, please see the WebTools02 pageflake.

Sign In

  • GoogleDocsSignin00.png
    Same as Gmail
    • Type in your account info. and password, if your aren't already logged into Gmail.
    • Don't select the "Remember me" option, if you are on a freely accessible computer.
    • Click the "Sign in" button.


  • You'll land on a page with a list of all Google Docs and Spreadsheets to which you have access.
  • GoogleDocsNewUploadShare00.png
    From the WWW
    • Click on the "Upload" button in the tool bar (top left).

  • Choose where to get the file you want to upload (computer or web). This process is the same for both docs and spreadsheets. For this example, I use an OpenOffice spreadsheet (Proto-PortfoliosVII-VIII.ods):
  • GoogleDocsUpload01FromComputer.png
    From your computer
    • Browse your computer directory till you find the file you want; OR

  • GoogleDocsUpload02FromWeb.png
    • Copy and paste in the URL from the web.

  • Change the name of the file, if you wish.
    • In this example, I've tagged on a date code.

  • Click on the "Upload File" button, and voilĂ !
  • GoogleDocsUpload03Autosaved.png
    File is saved automatically.
    • Your new Google Doc or Spreadsheet will open, and get saved automatically.
    • You documents also appear in your main Google Docs file list:
  • GoogleDocsFiles01.png
    Google Docs file list


  • If necessary, open your document by clicking on the file name in the file list. Then click on the Publish tab (top right). A dialog box will appear:
    • GoogleDocsPublishoption.png
      "not yet published"
  • Click "Publish Now" and details will appear:
    • GoogleDocsPublishAutomatically+More.png
      Automatically re-publish (ON)
    • For this example, I choose the default ("All sheets"). This will let visitors view any part of any spreadsheet that you add later.
    • I also toggled ON the option, "Automatically republish when changes are made."

  • To get the code to publish your spreadsheet on your blog, open "More publishing options";
    • Select the format: "HTML to embed...";
    • Select a sheet (or all): This is as small spreadsheet, so I want to display "All Cells" (default).
  • GoogleDocsPublishHTMLtoEmbedAllSheets.png
    HTML to embed all sheets: Your code will be different!
    • Then click "Generate URL" to get fresh code for any format, sheets, or cell range changes that you've made.

  • Copy your code into a blank document for use later in other locations (blogs, webpages, or wikis).


Directly from a document or spreadsheet

Share with collaborators (not anyone) AND get notification
Share with collaborators (not anyone) AND get notification

"...from your Docs list or directly..."

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