Intercultural Communicative Competence

Intercultural Communicative Competence

This page constitutes a budding exploration of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) and related concepts. References will be on another wiki: The LTD Project References.

Definition of terms

  • emic & etic
    • "A fault line runs through the disciplines concerning culture. On one side are disciplines like history or cultural anthropology, rooted in a historicist logic of seeking local regularities within a bounded milieu. On the other are disciplines like economics, driven by a functionalist logic of seeking transhistorical generalizations. Organizational behavior involves both of these logics.... Yet, the emic and etic perspectives each provide only half of the story. ... / ... [A] richer account of culture can result when an integrative explanatory framework arises." (Morris, et al., 1999, p. 790 [Richness in Models of Culture, ΒΆΒΆ1-2]).
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  • first language (L1)
    • mother tongue
    • native language
    • vernacular
  • intercultural communicative competence (ICC)
    • Fantini defines ICC as "a complex [blend] of abilities that are necessary" for effective and appropriate communication with people who have diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (2008, pp. 11-12).
  • interpersonal
    • [Add definition about here.]
  • intrapersonal
    • [Add definition about here.]
  • target languages (TL)
    • additional languages, beyond individuals' native languages or local vernaculars (L1), that they want or plan to learn
    • comprehensive of second (L2), third (L3), and more languages
  • target language and culture (TLC)
    • an amplification of target languages (alone) for description of language learning and communicative aims; and
    • a derivation of "LC2" (Fantini, 2008, p. 12) that captures the generality of any languages and cultures beyond individuals' native or primary languages and cultures, not just second languages or secondary cultures.
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ICC Strategies


  • On another wiki: The LTD Project References
  • Temporary list:
    • Morris, Michael W.; Leung, Kwok; Ames, Daniel; & Lickel, Brian. (1999). Views from inside and outside: Integrating emic and etic insights about culture and justice judgement. The Academy of Management Review, 24(4), 781-796. Retrieved November 15, 2012, from

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