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This page presents a growing list of print and online resources for development of public speaking and oral presentation skills. Additions, corrections, notations, and updates are welcome!


Bibliographic listings

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  • eight pages of tips for public speaking engagements, plus links to other sites

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  • maps and models oratory structures of Steve Jobs and Rev. Martin Luther King

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  • collection of opinion pieces, illustrations, examples, and tools

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  • Presenters help build community around an even[t]
    • We've found presenters to be a helpful group of people. This makes sense, as presenting is, by its nature, a type of sharing. We were delighted (but not surprised) that presenters often go beyond the usual event behavior of presenting, answering questions, and sharing contact information. They curate lists of presentations, borrow and build upon their colleagues’ work, and crowdsource feedback on presentation ideas. You can see what we mean in this blog post [KIT, 2011].
(Your SlideShare Team, newsletter, Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 01:34 [JST])
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  • suggested by rickla (personal correspondence, 2009.02.09)

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Diigo feed

Wish there were more? Check out My Library at Diigo:

Pabeaufait's Favorite Links on presentations from Diigo
URL: http://www.diigo.com/user/pabeaufait/presentations

Prezi-related stuff

Prezi blog posts

Gault, Terry. (2014.02.07). 10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking [blog post]. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from

Prezi. (2014.05.29). The #PreziTop100 Online Resources Every Presenter Should See [webblog post]. Retrieved June 20, 2014, from
  • Folks at Prezi have compiled a list of popular and high quality resources for presenters and presenters-to-be, and used bold typeface to flag those they deemed to be the best in each of four categories:
    • Articles and Blogs
    • Books
    • Presentations
    • Podcasts and Videos

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  • This weblog post summarised Harvard researchers research findings (Moulton, Türkay, & Kosslyn, 2017; above).

Prezi. (2018 [n.d.]). The science of effective presentations [webpage]. Retrieved January 17, 2018, from https://prezi.com/the-science/
  • This infographic-style web page represented Prezi-related findings summarised in Harvard researchers ... (Prezi, 2017.07.05; above).

Prezis about presenting

Steer, Dan. (2013.04.03). The four pillars of an effective presentation [Prezi]. Retrieved December 15, 2013, from
  • Steer explains and illustrates the importance of: message, structure, content, and style. He uses his favorite structure, a pyramid structure.

SlideShare Presentation Zeitgeists


Bartelen, Herman; Kostiuk, Malcolm; & Wolf, Henry George VII. ([n.d.]). Great Presentations 1: Plan, Present and Communicate. [n.p.]: R.I.C. Publications.
  • First in a two book series, the second of which is due out in 2013. - ltdproject ltdproject Apr 7, 2013

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In Japanese

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  • (スピーキングⅢ [KGU syllabus])

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  • (スピーキングⅢ [KGU syllabus])

In the PUK library

  • Notations in square brackets at the end of bibliographic entries below indicate format (e.g., pbk.: paperback) and catalog locations.

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Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint (2008.09.14)

Five Job Interview Tips ... and You! An Odd Todd Cartoon (n.d.)
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