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This is the beginning of a collection of resources for English as an additional language learners who are interested in studying overseas or taking working holidays, where language learning is an important part of their plans. As websites and other resources come to my attention, listings here will present general information and reflect various geographical regions.

Listings and comments here are for informative purposes only. The content of remote sites listed here is the responsibility of whoever administers those sites. Verification of information that remote sites contain is and will remain the responsibility of resource users and site visitors. Though eventually listings here may include reviews or testimonials from such users or visitors, listings here are neither endorsements nor recommendations of products or services available from those sites. Caveat emptor!

Nevertheless, if you are interested in writing brief reviews or testimonials about websites or other resources listed here, please send proposals to the site administrator. Similarly, if you know of other particularly informative resources or useful sites, please feel free to propose them to the site administrator. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. - ltdproject ltdproject Nov 4, 2012

General information

Intercultural communicative competence (ICC)

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Language Learner Development Blog: Study Abroad category

Tips for First-Time and Other Flyers

North America (NA)


Government sites: National

Government sites: Provincial

Other sites

British Columbia (BC)
Victoria, BC
  • Google search for starters:
  • inlingua Victoria College of Languages (Victoria, BC)
    • "This institution has met the requirements to achieve EQA Designation. EQA is a Government of British Columbia brand for quality for private and public post-secondary education in British Columbia. For more information, please go to:" (British Columbia Council for International Education, 2014.11.11).
  • IPSA consortium affiliate (see: World, below): Victoria
    • The IPSA site claims: "The English Language School in Victoria, Canada, is affiliated with the following organizations: CLC: Canada Language Council" (ISPA: Home > Canada > Victoria).
      • That page had no link to the CLC or Canada Language Council. - ltdproject ltdproject Nov 12, 2014
      • The location of the the school is obscure; web pages on site, including printable and secure online applications to "English Language School in Victoria" (with no definite article), displayed no street address, contact phone number. or URL for the school. - ltdproject ltdproject Nov 12, 2014
      • No "English Language School" was among the nine (9) schools listed in the Languages Canada / Langues Canada Member School Directory of Approved Programs in Victoria, BC. - ltdproject ltdproject Nov 12, 2014
  • ビクトリア留学.com (a Japanese study abroad agency)
    • "日本で唯一のビクトリア専門留学エージェント" (header, 2014.11.12)
      • Claims to be the only such agency in Japan specializing in study abroad programs in Victoria, BC - ltdproject ltdproject Nov 12, 2014

The U.S


Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
  • "All eligible travelers who wish to travel to the U.S. [for 90 or fewer days] under the Visa Waiver Program must apply for authorization[,] and then pay the fee…" (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Welcome to the..., ¶1, 2013.07.05).

Immigration service guide(s)

Moving guide(s)

Succeeding in college

State by state

Montana (MT)
  • Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
    • The PUK has renewed a general agreement with MSU to promote student group exchanges, research collaboration, specialized training and internships (2014.04.28). - ltdproject ltdproject Apr 30, 2014
    • Please contact the PUK student support division (学生支援課 [gakuseishienka]) for more information.

  • Montana State University, Billings, MT
    • The PUK has an on-going relationship with the Billings campus that includes overseas culture and language studies. For example, please see the call(s) for participation below. - ltdproject ltdproject Apr 30, 2014
      • Call for participation in the summer-time overseas study program: August 2014
    • Please contact the PUK student support division (学生支援課 [gakuseishienka]) for more information.

New Jersey (NJ)

Virginia (VA)
  • University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA
    • Study Abroad Blogs
      • "A Roundup of Blogs from UMW Students Studying Around the World" (deck, 2012.11.30)

Washington (WA)
  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA
    • International and English Language Programs (IELPs)
      • IELPs at the University of Washington accommodate learners with various "levels of English ability", for various lengths of time, and include "special programs oriented toward business, cultural awareness, teaching English as a foreign language, research, and professional and academic groups" (Programs, ¶2, 2015.03.19).

Asia Pacific



The Philippines



Government sites

  • Department of Immigration and Citizenship
    • [Add details about here.]

Other sites

  • Australia Study Abroad Advice and Consultants (About, Japanese)
    • オーストラリアの留学・ワーキングホリデー(ワーホリ)情報総合サイト (Japanese)

  • HelpX (see: World)

  • The Hospitality Club (see: World)

  • World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) (see: World)

Working holiday blogs

  • Manami T. started this working holiday blog November 30, 2012. The feed below shows the three most recent posts; click through on any of the links here to browse her whole blog.

New Zealand

  • World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) (see: World)


  • Couchsurfing International, Inc.
    • Home page
      • The Couchsurfing "website connects travelers and locals who meet offline to share cultures, hospitality and adventures – whether on the road or in their hometowns" (About Couchsurfing, ¶1, 2012.12.21).

  • Embassy English
    • Home page
      • This commercial website lists schools and "English Courses in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand" (deck, 2014.11.14).

  • HelpX
    • Welcome to Help Exchange(HelpX)
      • "HelpX is provided primarily as a cultural exchange for working holiday makers who would like the opportunity during their travels abroad, to stay with local people and gain practical experience" (para. 2, 2012.11.18).
      • "HelpX not helpex, operates worldwide including in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Finland, Bulgaria and many other European countries" (¶2, 2012.11.18).

  • IPSA - International Partners for Study Abroad
    • Home page
      • A "Worldwide Consortium of Universities, Colleges and Language Schools" (header, 2014.11.12)
        • See Canada: Victoria, BC (above).

  • The Hospitality Club
    • Home page
      • "The Hospitality Club is a non-commercial project. We founded it, because we truly believe in the idea that bringing people together and fostering international friendships will increase intercultural understanding and strengthen peace" (About us : Important points about the HC, ¶1, 2012.12.21).

  • World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)
    • "WWOOF is an exchange - In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles" (home page, What is WWOOF, ¶2, 2012.12.21).


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