This page sports a collection of videos of interest to students in various courses, which I'll embed in wikis specifically for those courses.
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Books and reading

"Introducing the book"

A hilarious video clip from YouTube with English subtitles:

Source: (2007.06.04)

"The Best Fun Videos about Books and Reading"

Student voices

"The real voice of [J]apanese students"

College students reflect on their junior and senior high school language learning histories.

Source: YouTube (mitsmurphey, 2010.01.20 )

Note: That video also appears in a post on the LLD Project Blog (Language Learning category, 2010.04.01).

"The Remaking of a Dictionary"

  • Video embedded in the LLD Project Blog(2009.11.13)
    • Pictorial Webster’s: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.

More to go

"#7 English Mini Lesson - New Year's Resolutions"

A five-minute video lesson from English with Jennifer - ltdproject ltdproject Dec 7, 2011

Source: YouTube (JenniferESL's Channel, 2011.12.05)

Video appreciation worksheets

from EnglishCentral


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